A personalized approach to complex health needs.


A personalized approach to complex health needs.

Kathryn L Wallace Healthcare Concierge Boston

Founder: Kathryn L. Wallace, LPN, EMHL, JD

Kathryn combines her nursing field experience, legal knowledge, and master’s degree in healthcare leadership from Brown University to best provide advocacy for individuals, families and businesses trying to navigate the healthcare labyrinth. With over ten years of nursing experience in the Greater Boston area, her experience spans a variety of disciplines from pediatric home care, assisted living, hospital sub-acute and rehabilitation, nursing home, private duty, and psychiatric nursing facilities.

Kathryn enjoys collaborating with her team of experts across the healthcare industry. Her passion for healthcare advocacy for both individuals and businesses drives her desire to improve access to care, and guiding others through best practices.


COVID-19 Business Consultant

As COVID-19 evolves, SymbioHealth Consulting is here to assist you in getting your business and your team safely back to work. We seamlessly marry the expertise of leading healthcare experts into the new Covid-19 era workplaces.

Ensure staff and client safety with your COVID-19 business plan and policies.

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Healthcare Concierge Services

The healthcare system is complex, confusing, and difficult to navigate. Our expert advisors strive to bridge these gaps by providing the highest level of communication, advocacy, and care management services to you and on your behalf.

Sick or healthy, we are here to guide you through the healthcare maze with confidence.

Why SymbioHEALTH?

We are experts at what we do. We are nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and physicians. We want the best care for our clients within their healthcare system, locally, or globally.

Contact us today to explore your options for COVID-19 business consulting and concierge health care services.

- Kathryn L. Wallace, LPN, EMHL, JD

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