Lost in Translation: Communicating with Care Providers

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Communicating with ALL of your care providers is key to maintaining your best health. It is only in the last five to ten years the medical facilities per government regulations have started to switch over to digital medical records. If you are seen by multiple care providers in multiple networks or hospital systems, or even in different states then you understand how challenging this communication can become. Not all care providers have access to the same charts or on the same day at the same time, yet you should be able to expect exceptional care.

It is extremely important for continuity of care that care providers are on the same page about one patients care and course of treatment, even if each provider is outside of another’s network.

This becomes a challenge when your providers may not even have all of the same documents from each other to view at the same time while simultaneously trying to plan your plan of treatment. Digital records have come a long way in trying to fix this very important problem.

This is where the benefit of having a private care manager comes in.

We advocate for you, and we can have you sign a release so that we can maintain all of your healthcare communication so that is remains streamlined, and you receive the most efficient, cost effective, and safe care possible.

We maintain contact with providers via email, mail, and by phone.

We can also engage with your providers via their online digital medical records platform or your online chart, if you give us your consent.

This helps us to best help you because we can keep abreast of important communication so it isn’t missed, and we can keep all of your providers on a timely track so that your care is most efficient.


About Kathryn L. Wallace, LPN, EMHL, JD

Kathryn is the Founder of SymbioHEALTH. She combines her nursing, legal and leadership expertise to help her team and their clients navigate the healthcare system labyrinth.

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